Monday, August 18, 2014

Why I Write, Page 2

My pen again 

Becky McCray tagged me with the question “why I write”. Here is page 2. Page 1 is here. I am not going to tag others, although I know several excellent writers in my age group.

First, I write for myself. (See page 1) I am alive, therefore I write. I also laugh a lot, but that’s another subject.

Secondly, I write often on various social media platforms, especially on Twitter. I have had several blogs through the years; yes, I think blogs are important and I am sure I will start posting again soon. Writing online is the easiest way to share issues, events, and opinions. Sharing positive and happy things is as natural to me as breathing. It is a pleasure to write and share about others, particularly sharing stories about small businesses and small towns.  

It is a privilege to read about businesses that so many hard working people have started. It is exciting to know the events that small towns have planned. It is important to remember there are great big networks of real live people supporting different causes. The Internet brings all these stories to me every day. I can write about these things also and share them with a click of a mouse.

And now, it’s time to click the mouse and post. 

Why I Write, Page 1

Background story:
   I went to first grade at Willard, MO School. I cannot remember reading or writing before then, but I sure can remember what it was like learning to write. There were paper charts over the black board showing the ABC’s and how to make each letter. The teacher had a wonderful and fun chalk holder that made three lines at once. She would show us how to write a letter. Soon we used these letters to make words. We were taught to write our names. And the word c-a-t.

  Yes, the late 1940s were very different times. I had no preschool or kindergarten experience. I did have dedicated and patient grade school teachers.

    Fast forward to only a few years and you will find me writing every single day. I wrote in school, after school and on summer vacations. I also read all of the time; I would read anything, books, old magazines, or cereal boxes. It didn’t matter, I read. I suppose the love of reading and the love to write go together.

  Another memory of my school days was seeing A+ on my book reports and writing assignments.

Writing as an adult:
  Ask me what I do and I will usually answer, “I am a writer and a storyteller” Notice I do not say, “I am a published writer and/or professional storyteller.” I dreamed of that for most of my life. That never happened, however, thanks to the Internet and social media I have made some my stories public. With a click of the mouse, my little stories are out there for the world to read.

  I write every day, usually several times a day but only for myself. I do believe if my thoughts were not typed up that my mind would exploded. I know many people who have kept a diary (journal) all of their lives. I don’t do that nor are my daily writing for anyone but me. Writing is also a tool for old brains to keep more alert. 

  Note: I write in first person. Blame that on those A pluses teachers put on my papers always written in first person. 
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