Why I Blog

    My motto says, “Non-expert, at your service” and I try very hard to live up to that. The Internet is filled with experts, so I will leave the teaching and “you must do this” blogs to them. For this particular blog, I have enough notes, stories, and ideas to keep it going for a long time.

    This brings me back to the original question… “Why do I blog?”
  • I like to write, and though I write mostly for my own pleasure, it is nice to know someone read my writings.
  • Since I am home almost all of the time, it fills my time.
  • I think that I can help others with my stories.
  • Blogs and Twitter are a large part of my social outlet
    OK, now why should you want to read my stories? (Notice, I said stories or articles and not posts, as that seems more natural to me.) I am proud that I have many and various interests, makes my life more of an adventure. I have three different columns, however sometimes I post the same story on two of them the same day. I tried to keep each story lighthearted, because frankly I am almost always lighthearted. I am not selling anyone anything, although I like to add links to great sites. (I am very, very careful with links)

Who is MissDazey?
    I am a retired woman, married to Mr. Bruce, and we live it SW Missouri. I write in first person, mainly lighthearted stories about things that are going on in my life or about adventures in the past. (They are all my opinion and experiences only)

My blogs:
The Elder Generation
Jeanne Fun
MissDazey’s Notes

I am on Twitter

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