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Movie Theaters From the Past

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Movie Theaters From the Past Live On Today

Less than two years ago

My good friend Deb Brown moved to Webster City, IA March 3, 2013 to begin her new position as the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce. The local theater was closing and soon was put up for sale. In May, 2013 a group of people came together to discuss the possibilities of saving the theater. This was the beginnings of H.E.R.O., a non-profit organization to save the theater and turn it into a community theater and event place.

Note: Deb Brown is our Iowa online kid. Mr. Bruce and I are very proud of her. 

The picture on the right is the marquee now. I followed the adventure online; I wear my H.E.R.O. t-shirt proudly. This community came together and recently the marquee was shining bright on the outside of the building while the renovated interior was ready for this first new audience. The new theater manager Keri Holmes Rojas was there greeting people. Check their website to see what movies are showing. 

Learn more in these links:

Paramount Theater
Burlington, NC
Mr. Bruce and I recently attended the taping of Jeanne Robertson's  8th DVD. (FABulously Funny) This event was held in the Paramount Theater in Burlington, NC. It is another community own and ran theater that has been saved. A little history and information about the Paramount is here. It is a lovely theater, perfect for many different performances and/or events. Of course, they show movies, the screen goes up and out of sight when not in use. The volunteer staff are so helpful and Southern nice!

One thing I really admire is their commitment to the community. One little example is how they don't charge rental fees if the event organizers do something to support the community. In Jeanne's case, the guests brought can goods for the local food bank instead of paying for tickets. (Jeanne's office did pay for utilities, security, etc.) 

The good news is that all across American in cities large and small these old theaters are being saved. In Springfield, MO where I live there are three. The latest one to be renewed is The Fox. It is now part of the History Museum on the Square. 

I am thinking there is a website that list these renovated old theater, but can't find the one I'm thinking about now. Anyone know of a good theater information site?


  1. Our theater is a movie theater & is lovely. I have been in The Fox in St.Louis for a concert & Broadway play. Look into its history. The roof was falling in when a group rescued it. It is one of the most magnificent buildings I've seen!

    1. I have read a bit about The Fox, have never got to see a show there. Isn't it great communities safe there theaters.


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