Thursday, September 25, 2014

Local Businesses Along the Highways

We loaded up the car early Sunday morning, (9/14/2014) for a road trip to Burlington, NC and back. We, meaning Mr. Bruce, myself and bestest friend Georgia Ott, had every nook and cranny of JR full. JR is our silver Buick LaCrosse and it's perfect for a long trip, comfortable and good gas mileage. This trip was planned for months and I admit to being the most excited of all. We were on the way to watch the taping of Jeanne Robertson's 8th DVD. Read a bit about the taping here on the Jeanne Fun blog. There will be stories posted soon here and on other blogs. As they say, "Stay Tuned".

I would like to share a couple of things that I found in particular interest to me. Non-touristy things. (I am sorry that I didn't take notes, my BAD!)

Billboards: Besides the normal signs for fast food, convenient stores and tourist attractions, there are many, many advertising small businesses. I spotted several signs featuring local and smaller Chamber of Commerce information. One or two were quite clever; others just a "Visit Our Town" type. That is fine since many of these were donated by the sign companies. Many mentioned "Great Place To Start A New Business." 

There were the usual, older type signs near exits telling about the churches, various civil organizations, etc. I hope this practice never changes since it was a homely feel.

Local restaurants use highway billboards to tell travelers about where to find them and what kind of food they serve. One of the minuses when traveling as fast as possible from point A to point B is not getting off the major roads, in our case most of the trip was on Interstate Highways. I miss that! Did it many times in years gone by and almost always ate in a small, locally owned cafe. 

This was the most welcome type of sign we saw. We are not the GPS generation, we are look for the DOT exit signs people. It is very helpful to see the smaller signs at the end of the exit roads to tell us which way to turn for closest gas station and/or food. 

I was both surprised and delighted to see many "farmers markets" on both the billboards and the DOT exit signs. I have a feeling that is a national movement to promote healthier eating and to support local farmers. Thank-you First Lady Obama! 

Next time of my little journey, I'll tell you about tourism stuff. 

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