Monday, August 18, 2014

Why I Write, Page 2

My pen again 

Becky McCray tagged me with the question “why I write”. Here is page 2. Page 1 is here. I am not going to tag others, although I know several excellent writers in my age group.

First, I write for myself. (See page 1) I am alive, therefore I write. I also laugh a lot, but that’s another subject.

Secondly, I write often on various social media platforms, especially on Twitter. I have had several blogs through the years; yes, I think blogs are important and I am sure I will start posting again soon. Writing online is the easiest way to share issues, events, and opinions. Sharing positive and happy things is as natural to me as breathing. It is a pleasure to write and share about others, particularly sharing stories about small businesses and small towns.  

It is a privilege to read about businesses that so many hard working people have started. It is exciting to know the events that small towns have planned. It is important to remember there are great big networks of real live people supporting different causes. The Internet brings all these stories to me every day. I can write about these things also and share them with a click of a mouse.

And now, it’s time to click the mouse and post. 

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