Monday, August 18, 2014

Why I Write, Page 1

Background story:
   I went to first grade at Willard, MO School. I cannot remember reading or writing before then, but I sure can remember what it was like learning to write. There were paper charts over the black board showing the ABC’s and how to make each letter. The teacher had a wonderful and fun chalk holder that made three lines at once. She would show us how to write a letter. Soon we used these letters to make words. We were taught to write our names. And the word c-a-t.

  Yes, the late 1940s were very different times. I had no preschool or kindergarten experience. I did have dedicated and patient grade school teachers.

    Fast forward to only a few years and you will find me writing every single day. I wrote in school, after school and on summer vacations. I also read all of the time; I would read anything, books, old magazines, or cereal boxes. It didn’t matter, I read. I suppose the love of reading and the love to write go together.

  Another memory of my school days was seeing A+ on my book reports and writing assignments.

Writing as an adult:
  Ask me what I do and I will usually answer, “I am a writer and a storyteller” Notice I do not say, “I am a published writer and/or professional storyteller.” I dreamed of that for most of my life. That never happened, however, thanks to the Internet and social media I have made some my stories public. With a click of the mouse, my little stories are out there for the world to read.

  I write every day, usually several times a day but only for myself. I do believe if my thoughts were not typed up that my mind would exploded. I know many people who have kept a diary (journal) all of their lives. I don’t do that nor are my daily writing for anyone but me. Writing is also a tool for old brains to keep more alert. 

  Note: I write in first person. Blame that on those A pluses teachers put on my papers always written in first person. 

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