Monday, January 20, 2014

Comments, Content and Copying

Part 1 of a 3 part series.
  It seems every Sunday night I go to sleep writing a brilliant story in my head. One that is just waiting to be posted on a blog and take the online world to new heights of amazement. Why on Sundays? That because I have been either lurking on #blogchat or have read the recap later. This is one of the most popular tweetchats on Twitter and is always fast paced with tweets and retweets flying at the speed of a click for one hour. Mack Collier is the creator and moderator of #blogchat; please check him out if you don't already follow him.
My Take: Comments
  Last night the discussion was on comments in general, how to handle negative ones in particular. I found this topic very interesting because I have stopped commenting on blogs and am trying to stop commenting and reading them on Facebook. I doubt if I ever stop retweeting good tweets though.
  Many of the people who are on blogchat are small business owners who use their blogs, Twitter posts, etc. to connect with their peers, customers and supporters. Blogs are an excellent and personal way to communicate. Comments are one way people can interact on a subject. Businesses learn a lot from comments; whom their regulars are, products or suggestions about what people want and a friendly way to say hello.
  It seems commenting on articles is not as popular since Twitter and Facebook appeared on the scene a few years back. I understand that, that’s my preferred method. One good reason for that is the awful “prove you are a person” things. I find them very difficult to use especially when I am using iPad.
  Ever read a comment that is really an ad? How rude!! How about comments that are nothing but “this happened to me too” statements and go on and on about themselves and not the original post? That is needed sometimes, like when you are asked to answer a question. Remember, the whole world doesn't revolve around you... or me, for that matter.
  I will never forget a couple of years ago when I clicked on comments after reading a very positive blog posts by highly respected gentleman and seeing the most vile remarks. A few months ago I saw a blog post by a guy I like and wanted to tell him how his article touched me. What did I see in comments—nasty porn pictures, threats and the most hateful remarks. Even our local paper and TV stations have this happen. Somewhere I read that public figures can’t delete bad comments. Is this true? Disgraceful.
  Final thought: I prefer positive and helpful comments and can handle helpful criticism. So if you comment, thank you ahead of time. (I delete nasty ones.) I will be seeing you over on Twitter.

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  1. I agree! I'm all for positive comments and even helpful criticism. But meanness has to go!



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