Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life is Just a Bowl of Challenges

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  Challenges? We all have them at some time in our lives; some more than others. Not all challenges are bad, like a baby learning to walk or running a marathon for charity. Those are good challenges, we all need more of those. 
  Today I am talking about life challenges such as losing a love one, a sick child, losing ones income and/or being sick ourselves. These are trials that no matter how we sugarcoat it, these are situations that must be faced. And please do not let anyone else tell you how to react when life gives you a lemon. It's OK to work things out in your own way.
  One of the sweetest, smartest women I know online has been facing months of challenges. Liz Strauss is a business woman who is loved and respected by thousands online and in person. I first met Liz via Twitter because so many people I follow would mention her. I soon became a regular reader on her blog and learn more about her from the SOBcon pages
  One day she, Becky and others were having a little tweet visit; someone mentioned that we frequently don't know what challenges or difficulties others are going through. Most of the online communities that I am involved with are careful to guard their personal information; we are friendly, just more private. While we will send virtual hugs and cute pictures, we are not actually holding another's hand while they throw-up. We cannot feel the stress of watching our businesses close or losing a job. Of course, we have probably gone through things similar or just as bad. It doesn't make it easier for our online friends to hear more about our woes than theirs.
  OK, enough chit-chat, let me get to the point. Our Miss Liz has had some really rough months dealing with throat cancer and the ordeal of treatment. That would be challenges enough, but she also broke a hip and a shoulder. (I knew she did things 110%) After months in the hospital, Liz is home, cancer gone, and she is recovery from the other injuries. She is doing all her exercises and therapies as she gets her strength back and learns to walk again. 
  A group of her friends are giving back to this remarkable woman by holding an online auction. For complete information please visit the official website by clicking here.. Liz Strauss Fundraiser. Also, you may give a donation on the page without bidding on an item.

  Thank-you all very much!

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