Friday, June 28, 2013

Hobbyist Diary Project

I am a hobbyist diary project writer.

   Sometimes being old AND dyslexia is fun thing. At least it was last night when I was reading blogs and tweets. I have to admit I was really just scanning articles on blogs, deciding which ones to return and read completely another time. 
  I get Sheila Scarborough's blog in my email. When it popped into email, I did my quick read thing.. then stopped mid-sentence.. a hobbyist dairy project? What is that? Someone who milks one or two cows to have milk for the family? Oh, that's probably a 4-H project for some youngster. But what does that have to do with the subject, "How to get more traffic to your blog"? Mind you, this thought took a split second; I was mainly making sure Dr. Sloan caught the bad guy on "Diagnosis Murder". (I love the old TV shows, don't you?)  
  I read Sheila excellent article again this morning. She shows people various ways to get more readers and keep the readers that you have. There are several good points about how to increase travel to you blog. 
  In the first paragraph she points out unless you write for fun that you want to check who is reading your blog. That is where she used the term Hobbyist Diary Project. I love that term! All the years I have been blogging I have struggled on what to call my style of blogging. They are most definitely not for business or "how-to articles". Nope, not a "mommy blog"... and I'm so happy about that. Elder Blogger is what I call myself occasionly, however I am uncomfortable about using that term often. There is a first-class blog called "Time Goes By" who features Elder Bloggers. I truly admire and respect Ronni Bennett, the blog's proprietor, and don't wish to borrow the term. 
 I have no fear borrowing from my Texas online kid. Thank-you, Sheila for giving my style a name. 


  1. You know me, Miss D. I'm a proud city kid and wouldn't have a clue what to do with dairy critters. :) Glad to be of service and thanks for reading the blog!

  2. I agree we better leave the farm things to Becky. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Dairy and diary make for a lot of confusion, I suspect!

    We are moving only 7 miles away; just downsizing. I wish I had done it 10 years ago - while I still had the strength and stamina for it.


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