Monday, May 6, 2013

Is it safe now?

   Well now, where should I start on this update/journal post? Actually, the expression on the baby's face to the left says it all. MissDazey has been unhappy for several months, concerning computers, blogs and evil and dangerous spammers ONLY. My life is wonderful! Here is the back story: I killed my PC and spammers took over my blogs. Between that, moving into my dream house and LIFE getting into the way, I decided to give up blogging. 
  Of course, if I did that I would not have a place to "sound off" in more than 140 characters at a time. Would I explode if I didn't tell my little stories? I have been thinking through this for weeks with no clear answers. Then I heard myself say.. "I write for myself...period!" I also made a little promise to myself "not to be online on computer when Mr. Bruce is home."  
  Speaking of Mr. Bruce, he has lunch ready.

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