Monday, March 18, 2013

In My Little World

  I had to pull out the silly little image on the left, because it shows exactly how I am feeling right now. Not only do I have friends in my computer, I have friends who understand what social media is and is not. Of course, my friends "in real life" are dear and precious to me; they sometimes just don't realize I have a whole different persona called "MissDazey". I know I am much more comfortable as MissDazey than I am as Linda. (although I smile when I am called Mrs. Crim" cause I love my Mr. Bruce.) I do as much as possible online.
  Earlier today a local Realtor called to visit about Mr. Bruce's house that is for sale. I know that she is a very nice woman and was only doing her job. I generally don't talk on the phone, but for some strange reason I did today. After awhile I asked her if she was on Facebook or Twitter? "No". Does she blog? "No".  Of course, using social media is a personal choice, but I simply cannot understand why any business person doesn't use it. Not wanting to use it for business is one thing..what about using it for friends and family. Too busy? Nonsense, it doesn't take much time to interact with people.
  Me, being me, said I'd help her if she wanted to get on Twitter and/or Facebook. I am not a business person so I am not on Linkedin. Me, being me again, gave her this advice-- until you are a really famous person and/or a large corporation, interact with people. Wait, that's not always the case. I have discussions with busy business people daily. Some large company have social media departments and customer service reps online moderating Twitter. My biggest single bit of advice to anyone in business: Don't make you Twitter and Facebook posts nothing but classified ads. It's a big turn off.
 If you are looking for a real estate agent in Southwest Missouri. Email me.. I will pass along a couple of names. I don't endorse anyone in particular.

 Personal note: I think every real estate person in the county has contacted Mr. Bruce about getting that listing. So please, no more

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