Monday, March 4, 2013

Deb Brown

  We all know the old, tired saying "Seize the Day" Or one that I am particularly tired of reading "Think outside of the box". (OK, I love it when Jeanne says "Left Brain people like being in the box. They measure the box.") That said, I actually surprised myself when those quotes popped in my thoughts this morning about Deb Brown aka Debworks. 
 Most of my readers know Deb. I am proud to tell everyone that she is our Iowa kid. I met Deb on Twitter a couple or three years ago and have been following her online ever since. She has taught me a lot about using the power of the Internet in general, social media is particular.   I watch the "State of Now" downstream every year.  (aka 140confDM)
  Deb is an energetic, very smart business woman. She uses her experience, skills and education in many different ways, she is a true "get it done" and "go to girl." PS: she takes great photos and loves her mother. 
   Today is the first day of Deb Brown's new position.. she is now the Chamber Director in Webster City, IA. Click here to read The Daily Freeman Journal article.  Besides her experience Deb is bringing the most useful trait a leader can have, ENTHUSIASM. I will be following her posts and learning more about Webster City, won't you?

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