Thursday, February 7, 2013

Customer service.. My favorite topic

  Of course, it isn't my favorite topic to write about, Mr. Bruce is number one. Jeanne Robertson and humor are numbers 2 & 3. But lately, it seems we have had contact with more customer services reps than we usually encounter in a year.
  MOVING, thou name should be "Customer service alert." OK, I admit it's been years since we have moved and frankly had forgotten how many "change of address", new service, etc is involved. 
  I make it a practice of telling customer service reps that I post positive experiences on Twitter and Facebook. I try to make it clear I don't usually mention bad experiences. I can actually hear the surprise and happiness in his or her voice when I mention that to someone. I want them to get brownie points for their good handling of an issue. I try to make it personal by asking them to spell than name.
  Almost all companies have a recorded disclaimer preceding connecting a caller to a live person. Something like "this call may be recorded for training purposes." I hope that my "I want you to get brownie points" is heard and noted. (Although I think, things are recorded for legal guys not the training department.) 
  Large companies have hundreds, maybe thousands, of service reps. I have been fortunate to have the friendliest and best trained people answer my calls 95% of the time. I am sure that I am not that nice or friendly 95% of the time. Mr. Bruce laughs at me when I use the "I'm an old lady and don't understand many of words and terms you use. Please speak slowly, thank-you." Mr. Bruce is better at these calls than I am; although he hates talking on the phone so I do most of it.
  I am active on Twitter and happy to see more and more companies use Twitter for customer service. In fact, often one can get quicker response via social media than actually calling on the phone. (Yes, sad and nasty people like to show how the world they know how to type. Mercy, so much negativeness is online these days.) 
  I can't leave this post without a bit of Jeanne Robertson humor. 

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