Monday, November 12, 2012

MissDazey, the PC has her say.

  Hello, my name is MissDazey, the PC. I belong to that human person also called MissDazey. Right now her name is MUD! 
  I am a wonderful, faithful and proud Sony all-in-one computer. I was breezing along happy to do all kinds of marvelous tasks whenever MissDazey clicked and clacked my keyboard. I am only a couple years old, wonder what that is in computer terms? I had trained MissDazey which program and/or button does what. My operating buddies were Window 7 and Internet Explorer 9. Yes, life was good.
   Then Miss Smarty Pants saw all the commercials and hype for a "new and improved Windows 8" on TV and the internet. "My goodness", she said with a devious grin on her face, "I can get Windows 8 software and not have to get a new computer." New computer...wait a meta minute, I am the big sister of this computer family, and I don't need any more little sisters running around the house. I have my hands quite full taking care of that little brat iPad.
  However, she ordered the Windows 8 software and last Wednesday I underwent the major procedure of having it installed. (I didn't even get to close my eyes while this was going on for hours.) First couple of times the software didn't take, so she did it again. (Like a mad scientist.)
   When all was done, my beautiful screen looked like something that a mad artist drew. The pictures and colors lopsided, words too small to read, and there was a funny looking start page. Fixing all of that took most of the morning.
    But wait! I have no Internet Explorer. Where in the world was TweetDeck located? My CD/DVD drive will not even let me open it. I tried and tried, honestly I want to work. I even had MissDazey read pages and pages of Microsoft how-to and help pages, including asking questions in a forum. All that was no help because in her words, "This might as well be written in Greek." I am a very sad little MissDazey, the PC.
   Mr. Bruce got in on the act, but that only made MissDazey cry and feel worst. The good news is that I am working enough so this story can be told. More good news is I am going to computer doctor soon and will feel all better then. 


  1. Miss Dazey
    I am so sorry to hear about your computer adventure,let me know if I can be of any help.


    1. Darrell, you know you are my go-to computer guy. However, this is so bad I can't understand it well enough to ask questions.

  2. Maybe MY computer will have a room next to yours! GET WELL SOON


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