Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tis the Season to Shop Local

   Wait just a minute, it's too early to talk about Christmas. Can't we wait until least Halloween is over to think about Christmas? Yes, in most cases that is true, however that is not the situation for anyone who has a business. Businesses, especially retailers, prepare for the holidays practically all year.
   Yesterday I read a post by The Greater Franklin County Chamber of Commerce on Facebook that I'd like to share.

Good idea for marketing a local town.
The holiday season is upon us, and people are now starting to think about gift ideas. What if you made the conscious choice to buy local this year? Does your company purchase gifts for employees? Why not give Chamber Bucks – it’s the gift that everyone can use. Or talk to one or more of our local retailers and see what corporate gift ideas they might have. Our local businesses hire local people, pay the taxes in the county, shop at our local stores and help keep the economy moving. We ask that you buy local this year at holiday time, let’s keep the money at home!

    It made me think about Christmas. Thinking about Christmas made me remember to remind folks to shop local. I had forgotten how many businesses give little gifts to their employees at Christmas. Buying these gifts from a local vendor is not only supporting a local business, it reminds that small business owner that you have a business in town also. It is a win-win situation. 
  Also, don't forget that many smaller local retailers also have an online store connected with their websites and blogs. (Retailers- you do have an updated website with secure payment button, don't you?) I have noticed several lately that allow you to shop and pay online, then pick-up items at the store. Clever, isn't save shipping cost, they save time to pack and ship. Besides, you might buy something more in the store.

  A gentle reminder: Don't forget to shop in hospital gift shops. Generally there are no sales taxes in them because they are a non-profit. 


  1. Hi, I came over from Carole's blog, where you posted a question about the silk capelet I made as a gift for her. I do appreciate the compliment you've paid. Unfortunately, it is not my pattern and, therefore I can't sell the items I make from it.

    As a proponent of supporting individual artisans and shops, I know you understand.

  2. La Cabeza Grande Of course I understand this. I just thought the silk capelet was just so darling. Thanks for stopping by.


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