Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Mr. Bruce Story, Part 2

Mr. Bruce celebrating his birthday

   Mr. Bruce had a delightful birthday. Thanks to everyone for making him feel so very special. Of course, he is very special to me. He had quite a busy week. I wrote the following for Jeanne Fun, thought I'd repeat it here to share what Mr. Bruce and I are up to these days.

This picture always makes me giggle,
it looks like they are praying.

Happy 77th birthday Mr. Bruce (October 16, 1935)

   It is now official; Mr. Bruce has started his term as president of the CoxHealth Auxiliary. I am proud of him and wish him and the other volunteers a fantastic two years.
  OK, what does that have to do with the Jeanne Fun column? It means that I am not able to attend Jeanne’s shows wherever and whenever that I want for the next two years. It means I have to pick only two shows to attend in 2013.
  Here is the back-story, at least a bit of my side of it. Mr. Bruce agreed to be president-elect for 2 years, then president for 2 years long before I met Jeanne. He is a very dedicated volunteer at CoxHealth, so accepting these duties was just a natural next step for him. I don’t think he realized the amount of time he was committing to for the next four years.
  I am looking for the humor. I am also looking for Jeanne’s 2013 show schedule to be posted. Meanwhile, by doing a search I have spotted a show I want to attend. (Paducah, KY in February) That is a fun city to spend a couple of days and is only a 6-hour drive from our house.
  Gee whiz, just look at the possibilities of trips that remain in 2012. I will start with a couple of “Double Funny with Carl Hurley” dates, the one on Mr. Bruce’s birthday Oct. 16 in Huntsville, AL and/or on Oct. 30 in Athens, GA. (OK, I decided against this one because our great-granddaughter is arriving that week if the stork is on time)
  Jeanne will be in Louisville, KY on November 10. We love Louisville, going there is always fun. I've never been to Columbus, OH and we could have taken a week and gone to Jeanne’s show there on Oct. 9. (Check the "Open to the Public" page for information.)
  Another wouldn't this be a blast event is Oct. 28 at the North Carolina Museum of History. Click here to read Jeanne's note about it. There are a limited number of tickets available.
  I am excited about seeing Jeanne in 2013 and I hope to see y'all at one of the shows.

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