Saturday, September 15, 2012

Is it safe to blog again?

   It seems that my columns (aka blogs) got caught in some type of big time outage and/or hack situation this week. I don't know exactly what happened or how; I also don't know which large company is in charge of a solution. According to several posts on different forums, no one is in charge. (Mercy, the language people use in forums and discussion groups...not fit for me to read.)
  Briefly, all of a sudden my column Jeanne Fun disappeared. Since these stories are devoted to my buddy Jeanne Robertson, I was totally upset. However, this blog came back the next day. Then a few hours later, poof.. all of my columns vanished into thin air. What was worst, I was getting messages that my blogs broke Blogger rules, I'd been reported as spammer, and all sorts of things. Me? 
  You know how the emergency bulletins come across the TV and said, "This is a test"? I do feel like I was going through a test. The first day I didn't handle things too well, went into panic mode. Then I realized the world had not come to an end and life would go on. I did come up with a back-up plan. Then, just as they disappeared, poof.. all four were back up and running just fine. 
  I have no plans to change from using Blogger. It is simple to use and fits my needs. I tried WordPress and found it much too difficult for me. I don't have the skills to use it and frankly don't want to learn at this time. My custom domains were bought from Blogger. I detest Go Daddy, again personal choice, but Blogger uses it for some of the custom domains.  
  Writing stories is a good thing for me. I write everyday, but only posts a few. I still get excited when people read my stuff. I appreciate each one who does, because I know people's time is very limited and valuable. And I know there are thousands of new articles to read each day.
  Between you and me and the fence post...I ♥ blogging. I ♥ being able to post again. 

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