Monday, September 3, 2012

I followed you, now what?

  Mr. Bruce and I had a short discussion about social media a few days ago. It was short because (A) he isn't very interested in the subject and (B) he knows once I get started on the subject that he can't get a nap. He was listening to CNBC and they mentioned FacebookYelp and Pandora. "What are they?" 
  I tried to describe them, didn't do a real good job, and actually left him more confused. Finally, I said, "Think of Pandora as an radio and Yelp as a phone book." At this point, he had lost interest and went back reading to his newspaper.
  He knows about Facebook and Twitter since I tell him about what's happening there all the time. He even knows what a tweetchat is and knows there are 2 or 3 that I follow regularly. He knows one of my pet peeves... people on Facebook and/or Twitter who only posts "grocery lists" (or classified ad type.)
  I know many big and small business that do a fantastic job of using social media to interact with their customers. They address complains, appreciate praise, and most importantly answer questions. So when they do announce a new product or sales campaign, their followers take note. I understand that stars and public people can't follow or communicate with everyone.
  But I know so many small business that have a Facebook page that rarely updates it or even post. Heavens to Betsy, imagine answering a potential consumer's question. They ask on Twitter, "please like us on Facebook", but they never say why I should do that. One local small business I know actually blocks all comments on Facebook...sad, very sad. Then they wonder why social media doesn't work.
  OK, the old lady has complained enough today; and besides, I have tweets and blogs to read. Because the people I follow are the important people who know what the word "social" means. It means COMMUNICATE!


  1. Loved right!! I see LIKE US during shows on cable..VERY annoying seeing that flash on the screen. Yuck.. Great post from a fellow long time blogger. : )

    1. You know, I was wondering how long you and I and some of the other people have been reading each others blogs. We started back in the early days of blogging.


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