Thursday, September 27, 2012

Harvest Tour

Visit Franklin County, IA
Then write a blog post.

   I learned this morning there is an opening for one lucky blogger to join the Annual Bloggers Harvest Tour in Franklin County, IA. 

   What? Where? When? Who?

  • What: The Harvest Tour is a "get to know us" and then "write a blog post or two" about the fun experience, the area, and the nice people event. I know for a fact there are some very nice people in the county. I know it's beautiful country, with rolling fields of corn and cattle. And look... wind farms, which are probably one of my most favorite things in the world. 
  • Where:  Franklin County, IA is less than a hundred miles north of Des Moines, IA and easy to get to.
  • When: Starts Friday evening, Oct 5 continues through Sunday noon.
  • Who: A blogger who is looking for an opportunity to learn more about tourism and living in a small, rural area. Someone who writes with enthusiasm and like to share adventures.  Please read more about all of this on Deb Brown's blog by clicking here
  OK, I can hear someone saying, "Well, if this is so great, why don't you go?".  I would dearly love to be able to do this. However, I don't drive (or even walk well) and Mr. Bruce is booked up for the next two years. Our traveling will be very limited for the duration.
  Here is the Why I am writing this story. I have been following Deb and her team as they have organized the "Harvest Tour 2012". I kept wondering if anyone over 60 will be one of the bloggers joining them. I personally read dozens of interesting blogs written by seniors; there are some fantastic writers out there in the blog community. Many are stories about retirement or grand kids, some about travels, and some are nothing more than online journals and/or "mommy blogs".  I like reading blog posts about small businesses and I am constantly looking for more of them. 
  So here is the deal, if you know of someone who would like more information about the "Harvest Tour 2012", please have them contact Deb Brown ( If you write a blog, please tell your readers about this. It's a great opportunity and one of us "older folks" will be perfect to fill the last slot. 
  Thanks everyone!!


  1. @jnswanson and I participated in Harvest Tour 2011 and had a great time. Great food. Beautiful countryside. Friendly and warm people. Delightful small town. Perfect weather. Deb and her crew put together an informative and delightful Harvest Tour for people of all ages.

    1. I remember that. Everyone in the group looked like they were really enjoying themselves.


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