Friday, August 10, 2012

Print or Online?

   Is Print Dead? That was the topic for the weekly AWC tweetchat on August 10. There was a lively discussion on the merits of both methods of communication. One thing I took from this is that there is no one way; it is an individual preference. There is certainly nothing wrong with reading both...right?
   Mr. Bruce and I have this discussion almost daily. I read the news online; he reads the newspaper. The one that is faithfully thrown in the driveway each morning, and the one he faithfully puts out for recycling every two weeks. There is much more to the morning routine than catching up on the news. There is something comforting and reassuring about reading the paper with morning coffee. Our dads before us did the same thing. I can still remember how mad my dad was with they stopped having both morning and evening editions of his paper.
  I read news online. I have even begun to read the online version of our local paper. It took me a long time, weeks of trying it daily, to learn how to read their new set up. I don't read very much, just a couple of headlines. (News-Leader, Springfield, MO online)  
  We also take several magazines. I'm not sure how many and yes, I know that means cutting down lots of trees. In my opinion, magazines are easier to read in print. (and it's faster to flip through pages and pages of ads that have no meaning for me.) A few years ago we decided we were over doing the magazine and pleaded not to order another. That promise lasted just until grand kids and nephews had school fundraisers. Also, most of our magazines are given to CoxHealth Auxiliary to place in waiting rooms in hospital.
  But, back to newspapers. I'd like to share a touching blog post written by Madison Taylor, executive editor of the News-Times in Burlington, NC. Please click here to read "Making a difference makes our day".  
  I do seem to have gotten off topic completely. Now what was I wanting to share. Oh, print dead? NO!! 

 Want to learn more about the AWCchat? Here is the profile on their Twitter page. 



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  1. Thanks so much for featuring our Twitter chat on your blog, Miss Dazey - we love having you participate!

    1. Sheila, I always learn something. I wasn't able to follow the whole session. I do have a most of your members write for online and print publications?


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