Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Small Town Talk

  Let's keep the discussion going about small towns for a while, shall we? Not only is it essential that local people "shop local", it is important tourists find your town. Of course, it is hoped they spend a bit of money as well sometimes. Saying that makes me think of the times that we have stopped in a small town only to use the facilities at McDonald's. Although we usually buy a drink and sit a bit for a rest. 
   Businesswoman extraordinaire Becky McCray had a very informative article on Small Biz Survival this morning. She shares a video by the remarkable Kevin Honeycutt. In the video, Kevin talks about using a "New Billboard" and using a combination of QR codes and Foursquare to give visitors an way of knowing more about the area and to encourage them to tour it. Excellent idea! Becky points out how doable this could be since mobile devices and social media are used by so many. 
  "Staycations" were all the fad last summer and I suppose they still are although I don't hear the word as often. I do think more and more people are exploring closer areas for fun things to do. I happen to live in the Branson, MO tourist area and know just about every nook and cranny of it. What I don't know or have simply forgotten that there are enjoyable places to visit in many of the smaller towns within a 30 minute or so drive from Springfield, MO; several more less than two hours away. Think day trip
  I think a virtual tour of my own area is needed. I'll do that soon and tell y'all about it on MissDazey's Town Square.

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