Friday, July 6, 2012

Meet me on the square

Coming soon! Well, maybe not too soon, it takes awhile for me to figure all this fancy new computer and Internet stuff out.  I am going to click and clack a few of the black and white buttons for a couple of weeks and write something. Here my start:

Welcome! MissDazey’s Town Square is a fun place to meet and learn more about the small towns and their local businesses. MissDazey takes you on a virtual tour across the good old USA and shares short stories along the way.

I have a few cities in mind to begin this adventure. Please click on city name, it's linked to the cities official CVB or Chamber of Commerce page.

Can you see the pattern here? I followed these good people on Twitter and Facebook. I would love to include your favorite small town and/or business, so please leave me a link in the comments. 

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