Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Using An Ultrabook

  There is a little contest going on over at Small Biz Survival; they are giving away a HP Folio 13. Becky McCray has cleverly tied the contest into The Small Town Rules book. (great book for small and large businesses alike. I am not a business owner, but couldn't resist writing something. I actually came up with two articles, here is the first one. 

How I would use the HP Folio 13 Ultrabook as I follow the “Small Town Rules” The following examples are general. 

 Rule 4: Work anywhere:
    The HP Folio 13 is lightweight, 3.3 lbs and thinner than a quarter. It has a longer lasting battery. (9.5 hours on average should be longer than your workday. Using WIDI, you can show slides or videos of your company’s services. That’s great for teaching a class or giving a lecture. It turns any hotel room into a classroom.

 Rule 3: Diversity your income:

Often business owners wear many hats. One day you might be in your brick and mortar store waiting on customers; the next day you’re on a plane to speak at large conference. Did you make your travel plans online via the HP Folio 13? Naturally, you will have a book signing. Doing a trade-show? Have the ultra book on the table, invite people to explore your site and learn more about your service. All of your bookkeeping files are in one place, easy to bring up invoices etc.

 Rule 6: Be proud of being small:

Rule 6 is easier with the HP Folio 13 since you can virtually carry your business with you. People like to know that they are dealing with someone who can help them. Who better than you to do this, the small businessperson who is literally “at their service”.


  1. Miss Dazey, I love the explanation. You've done a great job of laying out some of the cool ways to put an UltraBook to work in your (my) business. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Becky. For some silly reason this comment ended up in the spam folder. Silly isn't it.
    I am enjoying reading the entries on your blog.


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