Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Twitter Friends are the BESTEST

Diane Brogan and Deb Brown
at NYC State of Now   

   How do you meet people and make friends while not leaving your house? Can a little old lady from Missouri connect, no more than connect...can she communicate with people without leaving her house? Well, I am one little old lady who knows is not only possible, it's a fun thing to do with Twitter and other social media sites. (Twitter is my favorite.)
  I am writing this story on Wednesday June 20 from home. At this same time, I am following the "NYC State of Now" via tweets. Yesterday I had time to watch some of it via live-stream. Several of my friends spoke at this hang on, we're going fast event. One can tell from their smiles that Diane and Deb are having a grand time. 

   I have connected with people of all ages, different backgrounds, and a variety of interests. I read tweets and blogs on every subject from travel and tourism (Tourism Currents) to genealogy (AYWalton). All the people I follow are positive and kind. I do like that word..kind.
  Let me explain the word bestest. Of course, it's not proper grammar, but does bring a sense of importance to the subject, yes? Want to see where I learned the word "bestest"? Please watch this Jeanne Robertson video on YouTube. There is no way I could pick just one "bestest Twitter friend". That would be like trying to pick your favorite kid. I also have a group of Twitter follows I like better than other though. (Mr. Bruce and I have 6 online kids the we kinda online adopted.)
  Got to go now, I'll see you on Twitter.



  1. Twitter friends often become real live friends. Tuesday was the first time Deb Brown and I met in person. Her real hugs are squeezey than virtual hugs. Her smile is brilliant. Her laugh is contagious. She is FUN to be with. I soon learned she has a heart as big as all out doors. You can imagine how impressed I was when Deb told me she met YOU in person. It is a wonderful world.

  2. Diane, I agree with all the above about Deb, she is one special woman. Speaking of being impressed..I was very impressed with Steve and your "State of Now" talk.

  3. At Tourism Currents, you're our bestest supporter! :)


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