Monday, May 14, 2012

What Do You Do?

    Please finish this sentence: "Before I was a blogger I was a ....."   And finish this one: "After I retire I want to ...." Last one: "I want to be remembered as a ...." 
   That is a strange way for me to start a story, usually not into motivational type writing. Last night I had a "this seems real" dream that I can't stop thinking about. Actually, I have had those questions on my mind for several months. Sadly, I don't have a good answer to them. I hope you do and will share in the comments.
   In my dream, Mr. Bruce and I had bought a wonderful retirement condo and were meeting our neighbors. The woman who was in charge asked us what we did and how we would be help the community. She was filling out a paper that we had to sign. Gee..what a dream. Mr. Bruce had a long list of things, starting with his volunteer work. 
   When Mrs. "I'm in Charge" demanded answers from me, I handed her my business card. She laughed. Fortunately, I awoke then. 
   I start my mornings by reading tweets and blogs. My little way of clearing the sleep cobwebs out of my mind while coffee is making. While reading a couple of excellent stories this morning I started wondering, "what did y'all do before. After all, blogging and online stuff hasn't been around forever." Want to share that with me? Please and thank-you. 

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