Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rediscovering Small Towns

   Mr. Bruce and I are rediscovering Missouri. Yes, I know we both have lived in Missouri most of our lives and we know the state quite well. However, there are many rural areas that we have never been through much less visited the small towns. (Remember, I am a big city type person.) I wrote about our short visit to Marshfield, MO.
    Recently Mr. Bruce and I met my sister Shirley and friend Joy in Lee's Summit, MO for Shirley's birthday lunch. (Story about that will be posted soon) Lee's Summit is not a small town, it is the fourth largest city in the Greater Kansas City Metro area. Click here for the Lee's Summit Chamber of Commerce. Or click here for tourist information.
  Our personal KC tour guide, aka Shirley, had given us directions to Lee's Summit. We had a lovely lunch at Henry's Antiques and Tearoom is Historical Downtown Lee's Summit. Neither Mr. Bruce nor I could remember being in this area of the city. We commented on the big old houses, interesting old buildings, and the little specialty stores. It is truly a main street adventure.
  After lunch, we took a leisurely drive up Highway 291 to the Ameristar Casino. Again, it had been years since either of us had gone this way. (Gee, when did the new bridge open?) It was fun to see the development that had occurred over the past 25 years. 
  Tuesday morning I asked Mr. Bruce to go home that way just to see how far 291 goes south. We drove through the most beautiful farmland, made us think of Iowa. 291 ended at Harrisonville, MO. Mr. Bruce said that it was actually shorter distance that via the main highways around KC. Of course, we went through the edges of many new housing areas; Kansas City area continues to grow in all directions.
  We take these short trips down country roads ever so often. We talk about needing to do it more and visiting some of the charming businesses. This year I really hope we get to do it, it's on our bucket list.
  Speaking of small towns and small businesses, have you read "Small Town Rules" by Becky McCray and Barry Moltz?

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