Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Visiting Marshfield, MO

Click on picture for
 Marshfield, MO Chamber site and closeup.
   I almost titled this story "Visit Your Local Area First". That is definitely something I should do; almost every town has something interesting to see or a quaint place to eat. Marshfield, MO is only 25 miles more or less, we buzz by it several times a year on I-44. However, I had never been in the town itself. Mr. Bruce had brought teams to the high school back when he drove a school bus. I think we had stopped at McDonald or a gas station there since those are near the Interstate.
   Sunday we drove to Marshfield to see "Steel Magnolias" presented by the Marshfield Community Theater group. Click here to read about this wonderful play. We had a few extra minutes so we drove around look the town over. I was excited to spot the brightly painted mural as we circled the square. I have thing for murals on old buildings, especially ones in small towns. (If you know of any on a website, please share the link in the comments. Thanks.) Bruce got a couple of pictures, but we forgot to get the name of the business. 
   Marshfield, population 6,500, is well known in the area for their July 4th celebration, complete with a parade that is attended by many. President George H. W. Bush and First Lady Laura attended the festivities in 1991. Notice the Presidential Seal on the mural above.    
   Edward P. Hubbard was born in Marshfield in 1889. This replica of the Hubble Telescope was dedicated July 4, 1994; it's on the west side of the Webster County Courthouse. There is more information about this the astronomer and how Marshfield has honored him on their website. Also, there is a Hubbard Elementary School named in his honor. 
  Our visit to Marshfield was very short but I did see enough to make me want to come back. One gorgeous place I want to visit is The Dickey House, a lovely Greek Revival mansion that is now a bed and breakfast. Check it out on their website. 
   Many of my readers know I appreciate, support, and promote small towns and small businesses. Rural and small town are the backbone of many communities. Even in large cities I feel it's important to support small shops and cafes. When we were coming off the Interstate, we saw a "tourist information here" sign. We both spoke up and said, "What's a tourist to do in Marshfield?" After driving around a little, I know I want to go back and look around. I saw a small little business that said candy shop. That's worth a drive to check it out, don't you think?
  Oh, this where I get to mention the book "Small Town Rules" written by Barry Moltz and Becky McCray

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