Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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Let's start a new trend of talking more about the GOOD people and experiences we encounter daily. 

   I will start by sharing a good post written by Angela Maiers in her blog this morning about great customer service. Please click here to read it. I found myself smiling while reading the story; it was a good way to start my day. It is much nicer to read and hear about good companies and people than bad ones. 
   One of the first things I do each day is checking Twitter. (Anyone surprised?) I always look forward to watching the sunrise over a harbor in Chicago via Liz Strauss great photos. And of course, I read the comments by the "sunshine girls". There are some bad things on Twitter, but the good things outweigh the bad. People I follow are friendly, cheerful, and like to share positive things. 
  I had a good customer service experience this week too. Here's how it went.
  The Coxhealth Auxiliary is excited that Jeanne Robertson is doing a show in Springfield, MO; the proceeds go to help people who needs cancer screenings. Mr. Bruce and I offered to arrange for her hotel room. Who knew that there are two big events the weekend of June 9 and hotels are booked full. I did my usual online search, geez.. no rooms available. I decided phoning The DoubleTree, since it is close to the venue. Nice, friendly front desk girl said, "Sorry, no rooms available. However, the Hilton Garden Inn might still have one. There is a soccer tournament in town that weekend, so all hotels are full". That was my second choice; both hotels are managed by same local company. 
  The Garden Inn had 2 rooms left, a regular and a suite. The sweetie on the phone answered my questions, explained some business policies for booking rooms for others via credit card, and gave me her total attention. I am ashamed I didn't write the names down for these women could get brownie points. They certainty deserve them. 
  I had asked on Twitter what was going on in Springfield. The Springfield CVB replied very quickly that Springfield is hosting Missouri United Methodists that week. Methodists, soccer tournament and Jeanne Robertson are town at the same's going to be a great time in Springfield June 9th. Hope to see you here!

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  1. No, we never did get the mystery solved BUT a friend asked if the sofa was a sleeper sofa so maybe when I open it at last, the mystery will be solved.

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