Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MissRose, in her own words

    I am so happy to be here to chat with y'all. Let me introduce myself, I am MissRose. I am MissDazey's faithful companion who helps her through rough times. Occasionally I sit in her lap and give her comforting hugs. Most of the time I am close by sitting on the bookcase reading over her shoulder. (She needs some grammar and spelling lessons.)
   Here's the deal, she hasn't let me write for ages. She has this "personal opinion" page covered. She is afraid that I will whine and write negative, depressing stuff. Oh my goodness, like everyone hasn't heard whining before. So today I took over the keyboard while she was entertaining herself watching Jeanne Robertson's "Talking' Funny" DVD.
   Earlier we read a very sweet blog post by "Leo" written for a friend who is going through a sad time. Online friends are special, it's good to know others are there for you. MissDazey (and I) always tell people that she is just a click away. 
   Most everyone know MissDazey has a nasty thing called RA. Walking and going places are sooo hard for her right now. Pain is not her friend, wish it would go away. I think as soon as the rain stops and the sun comes out things will be a whole lot better.
  Here's some more news she hasn't share, this is all good stuff.
   * She bought a new pair of shoes made especially for arthritic feet on eBay. That saved her a lot of money.  
   * She can see now, thanks to her cataract surgery.   
   * The stairs aren’t as scary now that she can see them.
   * She was able to walk in the theater without her walker. She even managed to walk to mailbox yesterday.    
   * She looks for the humor in stressful situations just like Miss Jeanne says.

   Speaking of stressful situations, I'd better stop writing before MissDazey gets back and catches me. 

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  1. MissRose, I am always delighted to see you have written to us. You are adorable and such a good help to your mama Miss Dazey. xxox


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