Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Learning New Words

   Babies are born communicating from the minute they are born; their first cry is a welcome sound to new parents. The first "mama" or "dada" are music to ones ears. As children grow, so does their methods of conversation as they add listening, writing, or maybe singing to the mix. Adults know that listening is very important. 
  Since I have been "communicating" for almost 70  years I have the basics down pat. I talk and write real good, usually nonstop. However, I have noticed some changes recently, I am learning new words and methods.
   Let's start with a few of the new words. Twitter, iPad, blog, email, and texting.
  Twitter: I tweet a lot, several tweets per day. (Tweets are what people write) Twitter opened up a whole new world for me over the last couple of years. I meet new people, learn more about today's new tech, followed along with several companies and farmers. (Janice talks about cotton) Twitter people know how to get to their point in 140 characters or less. RT means retweet, # before a word makes a hashtag word, click there to read tweets on a similar subject. I appreciate my followers, I don't say this often enough.
  Texting: That is something I don't do, never ever. Texting seems to over taken the young people, that and constantly playing games on a cell phone. Since I don't text, I haven't learned the short cuts and codes. I know THX means thanks and btw, means "by the way". btw, people that post on Facebook or Twitter in "texting speak" drive me nuts. I can't figure the mishmash of letters and words out.
  iPad: I got my iPad a couple of months ago. So I am learning what apps are, as well as how to type on a touch screen. The verdict on me using the iPad is still out. Lots to learn, which make my head hurt.
 eMail: Well, that is old news, been doing that for years.
 Blogs: Been writing one or two for several years. I think bloggers are here to stay. (although as I always say I don't like the title blogger, I am a writer.) WordPress and Blogger are two of the best known and most often methods used to publish blogs. I use Blogger because I find it easy to use. I really don't know what WordPress plugins are, nor do I care to learn. I do need to learn RSS, etc. I am way behind in learning many online tools.
  Got to go learn something new now. 

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