Friday, February 24, 2012

Pin It to Remember It

  Have you heard the latest "must-do" fad in the online social media world? Pinterest seems to be it, at least for this month. I wonder what someone is cooking up for the next big thing. 
  Pinterest is a free online site where you can save almost any online image to one of your boards. This is much like cutting things out of the newspapers or magazine and putting them on a bulletin board. When you click on that image, there is a link back to the original page. Kind of neat isn't it. Seeing a picture of something is helpful when you are trying to remember an article you read a few weeks ago. 
  I use my Pinterest page for personal use as another way for bookmark pages. I do have boards that feature special friends websites and/or online stores. I like sharing. However right now I have no desire to "pimp my pins"Yes, there are a couple boards devoted to Jeanne Robertson, but these are the very same pictures I have on (You know humor is in my genes.)
    The discussions about Pinterest on Facebook and Twitter are numerous, some are even serious, some just blog content filler. The ones that think Pinterest is just for women amuse me. My favorite Facebook post and follow-up comments is by Sheila Scarborough. (sorry, I don't know how to link a particular fb post.) 
    This is one website that I truly wish had not been discovered and overran by big companies. I suppose they won't notice that I don't make a beeline to their Pinterest pages and click on their ads. 
    On the opposite side of this opinion, there are a couple of truly unique and useful types I do like and am going to be setting up new boards for those subject. One category is tourism and travel, seeing photos of areas is a great invite. Also, these are perfect for my "virtual tours" I like to take.
    I am working on boards for small businesses and events. I do simply love to follow my online friends and see what exciting things are going on in the businesses. Spring seems to be an exceptional busy times for events, I like having that info in one place. I often attend these sessions by following blogs about them.  
    OK, I've written my Pinterest article, so I am caught up with other opinion writers. One last thing, need a Pinterest invite? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!


  1. I'll send you an email about this topic...

  2. I just popped over from Judy's blog. I do like Pinterest, and think some of the creative things are great, but it does feel a bit like a "male free zone" to me sometimes.


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