Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brand Advocate

    Brand Advocate, I like the sound of that. I suppose I'd read the term many times before, but I had never apply the term to myself until this week. Now I am
"proud as punch" to be considered a "brand advocate" for Jeanne Robertson. Here is how that came about.

   Jeanne is doing numerous interviews about her nationwide shows; I happened to be online at the right time to hear one. At this exact time, social media coach Robin S. Fox saw the Facebook exchange and listened to the show. Just a bit later, she wrote this most informative case study on her blog, giving the steps that led her to the show. Please click here to read the full content. Robin was very kind to mention me and my passion for all things Jeanne Robertson. 
   Robin is a great writer, she explains things and "how-to" information in terms that are easy to follow and apply. She works with B2B and B2C companies.
   The way that I met Robin via Facebook is an interesting story, to me anyway. We were at a Jeanne show in Louisville last March. Jeanne was telling one of her funny stories and mentioned a fellow storyteller by name. Only for half a second she gave the name wrong, she said Ellouise. Jeanne quickly corrected herself and went on with the story. However, I didn't forget the name, I looked Ellouise up on Bing and Facebook. (I am fascinated by storytellers) Ellouise is Robin's Mother. Robin is also on Facebook and Twitter. Click here for her Twitter page. This is social media at it's best, people connecting with others. 
  One more thing made me smile, Robin also said "Given the Jeanne Fun blog, you could even argue that “brand evangelist” is the right term." Don't you LOVE it. Thank-you Robin. 

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