Monday, January 30, 2012

What's My Niche?

Retirement is a good time to find
a new exciting niche.
   Do you have niche? Do you need one? Becky McCray wrote about finding your niche on Small Biz Survival today. As always, she gives some excellent advice. Click here to read "What to do if you can't pick a niche". I suspect there are many who are asking themselves "what the heck am I suppose to be doing?" and can apply the steps Becky gives. (Also, remember the Tourism Currents lessons can be applied to many other businesses.) 
    One would think at my age that I would know exactly what my niche is in life. NO! I remember hearing in Sunday School that all people had a God given talent. I have spent the past 60 plus years looking for mine. The older I get the more I believe that everyone has special interests, unique skills and training. Many lucky folks have a passion.
   Along my life's journey, I have found many things I am good at and many more that I am not. I am blessed with the ability to get excited about new things and learn more about them. I remember telling someone my talent was being able to adjust and change. That ability came in handy when life gave me lemons and I was forced to make lemonade.
   Retired people have more time to pursue their interests. Scores of older people are traveling, writing, or enjoying their hobbies with new enthusiasm. In this economy, many find it is necessary for work either at a paid job or open their own business. The computer in general and the Internet in particular add to the fun of deciding what to do in our golden years. 
   Let's get back to "me". I am ashamed to admit I have been staring at a computer screen for over 15 years without finding a way to make a penny. Finally, I have accepted that fact. However, my hobbies do keep me entertained. Though them I know I have many things I am good at doing. These include humor, connecting with people online, being a friend, etc. Not things one puts on a resume which is OK. My point is everyone has something that they like doing. DO IT, DO IT NOW! That my friends is your niche.

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