Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Non-expert Writes Again

   One evening a few months ago I was Twittering away when I saw a tweet by Sheila that she was writing a book called "The Elastic Waist Entrepreneur". A very catchy title, especially if one is over 50. I know this will be a good book filled with practical information. Anyone who has a business, wants a business, or likes reading about entrepreneurs will enjoy it. Sheila knows what she is writing about; she is a successful businesswoman.
   My first thought when I read the title was "Maybe I should write a book about writing and tweeting in a nightshirt." I have been giggling about that thought ever since. Here the back-story:
  Over a year ago I found the cutest nightshirt at the CoxHealth gift shop. It has the saying, "Never underestimate the power of a Hissie Fit" on it. After I found out how comfortable it is, I asked Mr. Bruce to get me another one with different saying. A few days later, he brought me a couple more from an different vendor. As I told Mr. Bruce, it's almost like wearing a cotton dress all day. (Of course, I never wear dresses.)
  Most of my readers know I have RA and an assortment of other nonsense things that limit my activities. I have learned to make things easy as possible for myself, being comfortable at home is one of these things.
  OK, humor is a big part of my life, a very big part. Besides telling about my casual wardrobe, I have a point... Do something you love! Yes, I know situations change as we get older and we must adjust. Remember everyone has different interests. I like being online. Mr. Bruce is dedicated to volunteering. Many of my friends have a home-based business, others are writing books. Jeanne Robertson has added entertaining shows to her all ready busy schedule. 
  My cute nightshirts are "one size fits most." However, there is not a "one size fits all" when it comes to growing older. It is also a great time to explore the possibility of doing something that you have thought about through the years. Retirees can turn hobbies into income, mentor young entrepreneurs, travel to new and exciting places. Etc, etc.
  All my numerous online profiles read the same. MissDazey Non-Expert, at your service. Got questions or comments? Please leave them in the comments. Please and thanks! 


  1. Oh, Miss Dazey, you are TOO kind to me!

    Also, you're #awesomesauce :)

  2. Sheila, thanks for reading my little story.

    Free versus paid will be a good chapter for your book.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration, I was giving up writing a book about my diet as I am a non-nutritionist...

    1. Gab, you know that old saying to write about what you know. And the one about everyone one has one good book in them. I bet you have more than one. Hope you write your own story.

      Thanks for visiting and reading my little story.


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