Friday, December 2, 2011

Think Etsy Shops for Gifts

"From My Brush " shop on Etsy

   Tis' the season, to "shop online". Every year more shopping is done online, a great way to find a prefect gift in my opinion. (A better way is to give to your favorite charity instead of individual gifts to the adults on your list.) 
  Do you have someone on your list who likes unique, handmade gifts? Or perhaps someone who collects or uses vintages things? Do you like supporting local people and/or small businesses? If so, consider
  I know several people who have Etsy shops. The lovely daisies on the left was done by Gloria Wilson. Her shop has note cards with her lovely, pastel paintings on the front. Her shop is "From My Brush".
   My favorite shop on Etsy is my daughter-in-law's store. Lou Ann sells vintage sewing patterns and collectible kitchen items. Her shop is "Proud Mutt Mom".
  Carol Walker is an amazing photographer, she specializes in taking pictures of wild Mustangs. They are simply beautiful. We have her 2012 Calendar, a portion of the profit go to help the wild Mustangs. Her shop is "Wild Hoofbeats".
  When you click on Deb Keller's page you can practically smell the delicate fragrance of her homemade soaps. She has handcrafted items also. Her shop is: Thistlewood Manor.
  There is still time to order from these and/or other Etsy folks. I have found they always mail things very quickly. Remember, whether buying online or in a local small retailer, that these stores are ran by your neighbors and friends. As I say on Twitter, ShopLocal, ShopSmall.
 These are only a few of my Twitter friends online stores. Please tell us about yours in the comments. Don't forget to leave the link to your page.

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