Monday, December 12, 2011

Name That Blog

   I have been an idea rattling around my mind for a new column for a long time, really looking for the right name for it. Notice I said column, not blog. I write short stories for my personal columns. (By the way, does that make me a journalist? But that discussion is for another time.) Today I do want to talk about seniors and blogging.
   Whatever it's called, writing online is very popular. I dare say millions of people write new material every day. No matter which method used for blogging there are two things one has to decide on. First, what are you going to write about and what are you going to name your blog? In my opinion, deciding on a subject is the easier of the two. Choosing a good strong name that people will relate to and can remember, that's harder. 
  I use Google's Blogger to do my columns; it is a free service and easy to use. I prefer to get a domain name for them, but that is a personal choice. Some of the best blogs I read regularly still use the "" url. 
  Network Solutions has a great deal on domain urls going on right now. Twitter friend Shashi Bellamkonda told about this $1.99 domain limited time offer. He was kind enough to get this link on the Network Solutions page on blog forwarding. It really is not as difficult as it sounds; it's simply directing your name (url) to your blog. (Please email me if you have questions.)
  Having a domain has always seemed more personal for me and more professional. Again, it is strictly a personal choice. Also, is your blog for a business or a personal journal, that does make a difference.
  So, what should I name the new column? It will be about hospital auxiliaries and the gift shops they run. Ideas welcome.

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