Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shop Small, Shop Local

Gift shop at CoxHealth South

  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And that means it is shopping season. This means making lists, checking prices, and most fun of all being in a Holiday spirit. 
  I would like to encourage everyone to consider shopping at local stores and other small business. Did you know that most small retail stores do 80% of their sales during November and December? (Yet, the expenses and cost of doing business must be paid 12 months a year.) Small local stores also hired local people for temporary help. (I worked Christmas temp jobs several years. Be nice, that old woman manning a Christmas cart might be someone's grandma.)
  Supporting a small business has many advantages also. 
  • Customer service is usually personal, helpful, and with more product information to share. 
  • Often the gifts are unique and/or one of a kind items. 
  • While busy, the stores are not generally crowded.
  • More and more the smaller, local stores have online shopping also. Check their sites and blogs for current specials.
  • Non-profit stores don't charge sales tax. Think hospitals, libraries, etc gift stores. (Repeat story "Smart Volunteers are Smart Shoppers" written by Mr. Bruce about CoxHealth Gift Shop)
  • If items need to be exchanged or additional service is needed, small stores are friendly places after Holidays are over.
   Do you have a local store or business that you would like to mention? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments. Have an online store? Please include the link so everyone can visit. Thank-you! 
 Note: Please click on "read more". I am compiling a list of businesses. 

Here are a few of my favorite small businesses.

I follow several people who have small and/or local businesses, Also some great online stores.

I will add others, come back often and check.


  1. I follow several people who have small businesses and also online stores.

    Allen's Retail Liquors in Afton, OK owned by Becky McCray

    A Better Cook, by Vannie Ryanes. Ask her about Watkins vanilla and spices for holiday cooking.

  2. Here are a few local stores in Hampton, IA. Thanks Deb Brown.

    Several: Wood Cellar (primitives and antique-ie kind of things), Orange Possum (for 20-30 somethings), Cornerstone Cottage (hand made and clothing and home decor), Cornerstone Cottage Kids (books, toys, clothing), Freckled Dandelion (all things baby)

  3. Nice to meet through our friend Becky McCray. Thank you for sharing the shop small, shop small message. Operating our businesses out of a village of 300 in a region of Nova Scotia with the same population density as the Canadian Arctic, it's a message that's near and dear to our hearts and the hearts of our 30 employees. Wishing you good holiday cheer and shopping! Doug at the Authentic Seacoast

  4. The Gift shop at CoxHealth South looks great. Thanks for reminding us why we should shop small and local. When I was a little girl, shopping small shop and local was a given. I will always remember the pharmacist who never knew my name but always remembered my face. When I had to wait for a prescription, I was often treated to a small Squirrel Nut bar.


    BTW, I see you mentioned my Watkins business at A Better Cook. Thank you so much.


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