Monday, November 28, 2011

The iPad and MissDazey

It has been shipped!

 I had said over and over, I don't need an iPad, I want one. On a retirement budget, we have to distinguish between the two. However, there are times we had to pamper ourselves though. I had said if the iPad 2 ever comes on sale, I am ordering one. Guess what, they were discounted a bit last Friday. And I ordered a white one. It was shipped today.
 Now after it comes will be the fun part since I have never used an Apple product of any kind. I am counting on as least one of my Twitter friends has written an eBook on "how to use your iPad 2". Or "iPads for Seniors.


  1. I love it! While I have the first generation iPad, I have a bunch of posts that may help. Here's a post I put together to help a few friends who got them last year.... maybe you'll find something helpful!

  2. Thank you Janice, I appreciate the help. I keep telling myself if little kids can use it, then while not little old me. I'll go check that link, you are so kind to share.

  3. I have a hankering for the iPad 2, but , undecided. Please let us know how you like it.

  4. GreatGranny, I know it will take awhile to learn it all. I am slow learning new computer stuff. However, I figure I'll take one step at a time. I like the fact so many people use an iPad to blog and twitter.

  5. TERRIFIC! We MUST keep up with technology. My great granpa couldn't wait to get a model T!!!


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