Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to write a blog

  This article is part of a longer research project I am doing on writing a personal weblog. I got
inspired and jazzed lurking at Blogworld, online of course. I often encourage seniors to write. Just as often, I am asked "how do I blog?" 
  I just did a Bing search for "how to write a blog"; there were 233,000,000 results. That shows it can all be overwhelming. Go to Amazon, put "how to blog" in the search and you get over 4,000 results. The search method doesn't work too quickly, does it?
  I was fortunate to begin my writing back when online stuff was so much simpler. (Note: I have only 3 blogs now and I call them columns.) I use Blogger because it's simple to use, yet my blogs can be designed in various themes. Blogger is a Google product, therefore I doubt if it is going away. They are constantly upgrading and improving it. Also it is free to use, plus there are ways to add ads to monetize your blogs. One thing I like about Blogger is the many different templates that can personalized. (Note: the daisies on MissDazey Notes.)
  The software and various tools to do a blog and/or website are numerous, something for everyone no matter what their level of computer skills. What is important to me is that I can use it without having a panic attack. 
  One excellent way for a senior to learn is to join sites like Eons.com and GrowingBolder.com. Both have a "post blog" feature. This gives you a way of writing a journal type story without having to set up your own blog. If you know of similar sites, would you please give the URL in the comments? Thanks!
  Most communities have opportunities to learn different computer skills in friendly, small group settings. Check your local library, senior centers, and community colleges; many of these are free or low fees.  Naturally, there are all kinds of online classes. Please do your research on these carefully, be sure they fit you needs and budget.
 I think that there are several types of blogs. Next time I am going to give my opinions on the difference of personal, business, and news blogs. Other categories are research articles and reviews. 
 Meanwhile, back at the ranch, feel free to ask me questions in the comments.

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