Thursday, October 6, 2011

iSad Too

Image by Art Jonak

  I admit I borrowed the image, I saw it all over the Internet and on CNN. I thought it very touching. I have to admit that I've don't have any Apple products. I do have a great deal of respect to Steve Jobs and Apple. Not only do I people watch, I also company watch, and have been reading about Apple from the beginning. (Still angry the so-called financial expert convinced Mr. Bruce not to buy Apple and Google stock. But that another story.)
  Steve Jobs is one of several modern innovators, the geeks of the world who are also serious businessmen. I am a huge fan of Bill Gates and Ted Turner; they made their money by "thinking out of the box", giving thousands of people jobs, and continuing to be nice guys. Just imagine not having a computer, smart phones or Turner Movie Classics. 
   I read that Steve Jobs has been mentioned over 2 million times online since his passing was reported. Like most people, I've watched the coverage on the news and read several tributes. There is one tribute that stands out to me above all others: Steve Jobs, Thank-you For Contributing to My indePendence. Glenda Watson Hyatt shares what having an iPad means to her. The iPad gave Glenda a voice. Please read her "thank-you" on her blog. 
  Yes, I am very sad that Steve Jobs passed. We need heroes, people of vision, and cool geeks and nerds. 

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