Friday, October 14, 2011

A Corny, Geeky Maze

Humorist Yakov Smirnoff is part of this fun maze in Verona, MO. Click on picture to visit their website.
   Have you ever gone through a corn maze? They are great fun, just perfect for a fall entertainment especially for youth groups and family outings. Also, they give the farmer another source of income. This past week a family made the news when they called 9-1-1 for help getting out of one. 
  I thought this so funny, "today's tech meets old fashion fun." Sometimes I feel I am living in a technical and Internet maze and I have lost my way. I will be going along fine, when I come to a crossroad of new upgrades and don't know which way to turn. One way leads to newer tools for the Internet and/or computer, the other direction to programs that work fine, no need to change things. Problem is I don't know which path leads to what, much less which is best. 
  I am sure I am like many other seniors who get confused on the Internet. However, people over 50 are the fastest group of new users on the Internet and Social Media. We who are in the Elder Generation are learning to email, take and post digital pictures, read the news online, have online businesses, and do various kinds of research. (Genealogists love the Internet.) Many of us are on Twitter and/or Facebook. We have smart phones
  Blogging is very popular with the older folks; after all we always have wanted to be a writer. One of the very best blog sites for older folks is "Time Goes By"; Ronni Bennett is the TGB proprietor. This award-winning site has articles on various subjects including tech, music, politics, and much more. Growing Bolder is another well-respected site for seniors.
  But wait, I am still standing in the middle of the "corny geeky maze" not knowing which way to turn. I can hear a faint call from another older Internet adventurer saying, "Is anyone out there? Can I walk along with you? That way neither of us will be lost and we can learn together."
  Of course, that is a terrific idea; let's walk together through the twists and turns of using the computer and the Internet in our daily lives. Look, there is a signpost that reads: Non-Expert Articles Coming Soon!  


  1. We love Verona MO! That's where my friend Lyle Youngberg lives -- and he is like an uncle to me. Of course we love you too -- great advice, walk through the maze with a friend!

  2. Small world isn't it? I've never been to that maze, they draw big crowds. Next time you are in Verona let me know.


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