Friday, September 23, 2011

Tell MissDazey

   A big thank-you to my Twitter buddy Joe for suggesting this title. 
   I had one of the rare light bulb moments when I saw those two words together on a simple tweet. I thought, "Well, of course..that is perfect to add to my motto "Non-expert, at your service"
   Here is why: If you tell me something and ask me to keep it secret, I do that. If you have an event, a new blog, new business, or what have you, I am happy to spread that online. 
  Yes, I do keep secrets. A good example of that is I knew Jeanne Robertson is coming to Kansas City for 2 months before it was officially announced. Whew, that was so hard not to spread around, especially on my Jeanne Fun pages. But I honored my promise to Jeanne.
  And yes, I like to broadcast things online via my little stories, Facebook, and especially Twitter. I must confess I have very few followers, but my followers are the best. Tooting my own horn now, but I am proud of being a good conversationalist. I take the "social" part of social media seriously.
  My little online world is limited to positive sites, blogs, and people. I leave the political scene, the religious views, and the celebrity gossip to the other few millions of people who are online. A page full of four-letter words is closed very quickly, as do tweets full of them. 
  Years ago, I thought about having a website called Ask MissDazey. That was back when I was new to the Internet and was having so much fun researching and exploring. I like and use the "ask" features on sites and blogs, especially tourism and CVB sites. 
  OK, universe...what shall I do with the term "Tell MissDazey". And universe, you know I am still looking for my niche and a bit of earnings. 

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