Sunday, September 4, 2011

Smart Phones for Smart Seniors

  I have a confession; we do not have a smart phone. What's worst, I don't think we are smart enough to pick one out. Even as I wrote that sentence, my head hurt thinking about choosing the best plan and the best phone for us. 
  There are so many different ones, so many questions to answer. We are asking ourselves if we can afford it. That is always the first people on set incomes ask themselves.
   The second question we have been asking ourselves is "do we need one or do we just want one?" I have wanted one since they came out. But do we need one? What exactly do we plan to do with it? Here is my list:

  • Take pictures and send them to the internet.
  • Check email and occasionally Twitter.
  • Use the GPS feature.
   Mr. Bruce has a different list:
  • Read all those nifty QR codes I see in magazines.  
  • Most of my friends have one
  Now those don't seem like sufficient reasons for signing up for anyone's two year cell phone plan. (I know that Walmart has prepaid plans, but I detest Walmart.) We have an older go-phone from AT&T that we use for calling out only. We go weeks at a time in between using it. We have no idea how to text, see no need to learn. Besides, our old fat fingers can't work those little keys assuming we could see them.
  Frankly, we laugh that some people never getting off the cell phone, we see them walking around like zombies, head down, some not even aware on what going on around them. Rude! 
  Next year Mr. Bruce is taking on new responsibilities and challenges, we know he will need a better phone then. We have looked at different companies plans, but that doesn't help. How do we know how many minutes we will use it or how many photos I'll send to a Flickr? When we ask friends what is the best company..well, everyone has their own opinion on that. Someone ask what apps I would I know?
  So here is my challenge, please and thank-you. In the comments tell me why or why not the older folks need a cellphone. And if they do, then how to pick one out. 

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  1. If you have any hearing problems at all, be prepared to be very frustrated with cell phones, regardless of brand or plan. Many/most have speakers, but they do away with any privacy and can be quite a distraction. If you have a land line, keep it and forget the cell.


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