Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Positive Tweeting

  "Good morning" is a simple greeting we use everyday, yet it is an important phrase. A kind hello goes a long way in setting ones mood for a day. Beside "good mornings" from Mr. Bruce, I get a couple of emails from special people just to say good morning. 
   I start (and end) my day on Twitter. There are some very sweet, positive people in my Twitter world; it is delightful to start my day reading their tweets. Liz Strauss shares the sunrise over Chicago, others share quotes, and others share news or events of the day. Yes, this  a nice way to start my day.
  At the day progresses, so do the tweets. I have noticed that some people use Twitter to complain about the smallest matters, most so unimportant that I wonder why spend time to post it. So now, here I am complaining about the complainers. 
  Really, do people think just because they have a Twitter and/or Facebook account they should post every little inconvenience that they have? Don't they have better things to tweet about? Don't get me started on people who use #fail. Most time they are not referring to life and death situations. Do you honestly think a business will close because you were personally unhappy? Nor does their problems mean a business or service is totally bad. Of course, reviews are important, please consider giving both sides. Surely good things happens also, don't forget to tell your followers those in a timely matter. Please and thank-you.
  I appreciate positive reviews and comments. This morning Shashi appreciated having good cell phone collections at the Washington Hilton. That is good tweeting. Becky shared what is new in Alva, OK. Diane always comments to her followers in a personal way.
  Social Media in general and Twitter in particular are powerful tools to communicate with others. In fact, I have got to get back and check tweets. A couple of folks are tweeting and giving reviews from various events and news briefings. 

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