Friday, September 16, 2011

Brag Basket

  If it's Friday, then it's "Brag Basket" time over on Becky McCray's "Small Biz Survival" website . It's subtitle is: The Rural and Small Town Business Resource. Resource is the right word, Becky shares good practical resources, helpful advise, and encourages other smallbiz people. Becky is on Twitter.
  I teased Becky about bragging on my friend Jeanne Robertson. Becky said sure, but I couldn't brag on Jeanne in a few words. So here is the long version, although not the final version. Jeanne is still going and her business is still growing.
   Jeanne Robertson has been a speaker for 48 yrs. She was Miss North Carolina is 1963 and soon was asked to give one of her "little speeches" to local organizations. Her business grew, soon she did it full time, giving up her teaching career. Her clients include major companies across the nation, she spoke at the White House, and has been on "60 Minutes". She is the past president of NSA. I could go on and on.
   A few years ago, she started doing shows that were open to the public. Now she is a celebrity, but her "little speeches" are still her main job. As she puts it her bread and butter job. Last year she added more new shows, these are called "Comedy With Class"
  All this means that Jeanne is speaking 15-25 times a month, almost always in a different city. (She knows every airport and hotel chain well.) Her business office is well organized, thanks to Toni who has been with Jeanne for over 30 years. 
  One of the reasons that Jeanne Robertson is still so popular today is the fact that she has kept learning (and teaching) and using new modern technology. She uses email, text, and is on Facebook and YouTube. She has an iPad and iPhone. 
  Anyone who knows me knows I like to follow along with different events when my Twitter friends are speaking. I can't see Jeanne doing these. She speaks for much longer than 10-15 minutes. And keeps everyone's attention. Jeanne, Mr. Bruce, and I come from a different business world. I suppose there is no right or wrong format in the speaking world. 
  One more brag, I am proud to be Jeanne's friend. 
I am equally proud to be Becky's friend. 


  1. I'm very proud to be your friend, and to have inspired you in any small way.

  2. Becky, you inspire everyone. I am looking forward to watching the fun and games in Hutchinson Tuesday.

  3. Love reading your upbeat blogs regarding your friend. xxoo


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