Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What if


  • What if those were my grand-kids dying in Somalia? 
  • What if I had no water or food?
  • What if my children didn't have a clean, modern hospital like CoxHealth available? 
  My heart breaks for these people, this seems so unfair. It is too horrible for words. I turn away when this is covered on the news, it hurts to watch. What a shameful thing to do, this is happening whether I watch or not. Yes, I gave a small bit of money, but that seems such little of a thing to do. Sharing my thoughts via a blog is helpful to me only.
  CNN salutes everyday heroes, I want to salute two of their reporters who are true heroes, Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. These young men go into the field to give the world a detailed report of disasters as soon as possible. (I call them "1st responders") They give a human face to the suffering. CNN has a list of ways to "Impact Your World".
  Yes, I know there are problems all around. Yes, I know. But what if?:
  • What if instead of giving to political champions, everyone would give that money to a charity? 
  • What if we who are active in social media stopped worrying about "klout", what is the newest "gadget", number of followers, etc and started thinking of helping others?
  • What if we stopping posting negative comments and only did positive ones? 
  • What if everyone on Twitter and Facebook gave just one dollar to a charity of their choice?
Now, back to regular's time for work, daily chores, and humor. 


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