Monday, August 29, 2011

Seniors and the Computer

   Well now, I have tried for 30 minutes to write the first sentence of this article, wonder what is blocking my thoughts. Perhaps I don't know how to define "seniors" or maybe I am afraid I will vent instead of being positive? Maybe I should keep my thoughts to myself? After all, a zillion stories have been written on this subject. 
  Here is number zillion plus one:
 But wait, I just realized why my words are not getting written, I was trying to be serious instead of seeing the humor in things. 
  In reality marketing tech to people over 65 is big, serious business. That includes everything from selling us a new computer to selling us eBooks. What I find rather odd that some of the marketing gurus, social media experts, and let's not forget the "know it all" types are under the age of 60. Personally, I like have conversations and not be talked down to. Of course, I don't bother reading their blogs and sites. 
  How do older people learn the new internet fads, gadgets, and "must have" things? My good friend Deb Brown teaches a class called "Senior Boot Camp". I personally think she should take her show, I mean classes, on the road. Lots of us oldsters would like to have a calm, practical lesson on "how-to" do things online.
  Mr. Bruce tells about getting his first computer and being so bewildered by it, he almost returned it. A friend showed him how to do things by rapidly doing them herself, talking and typing 40 miles an hour. Picture learning to drive and being taught by a racecar driver by watching him speed around the track. 
  I think there is a difference between a Baby Bloomer and a senior citizen. I am a member of the Elder Generation, which is a term I use on another column and a new, still in the works website. Remember please, just because someone is "older", that doesn't mean we are "old". (Some are, some aren't.)
  Goodness, this bit of writing has lifted my spirits and made me enthused about writing some more on the subject of "Seniors and the Computer". Have questions? Comments are welcome.

Attention, please read: A few weeks ago I changed the focus of this column in several ways. First, I don't like the term blog, so use the term column. Second, I only give my opinions, and third, I am a non-expert.


  1. Wow - thanks for the mention. I'd love to take my show on the road and bring along my 81 year old mother (who rocks, btw).

  2. I'm serious, there is a need for your type of teaching. Is your Mom on Twitter or does she have a blog?

  3. Computer classes designed for elders are really needed, MissDazey, and I'm glad you decided to write about it. I taught some classes for our local seniors several years ago--it was fun, and I'd like to think that they ended up learning a bit and not being so intimidated by their computers. Learning to use a computer takes time, patience and--more than anything else--practice. It also helps to have someone around who can answer questions as they come up.

    I'll bet you'd be a good teacher yourself, MissDazey!


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