Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meet the Characters

My girls Sheila and Becky
   The speakers for "140Conf Small Town" have been announced. Check out who will be speaking and learn more on this nifty, interactive page. Different bios are shown in the top level each time you refresh the page. Thankfully, I learned this before I emailed Becky McCray and asked her why Sheila Scarborough was featured in a large black box and she was in a smaller white one? 
   The event will be held again this year in the historic Fox Theatre in Hutchinson, KS. (Yes, I wrote a bit about the Fox Theatre on Jeanne-Fun.) Don't you just love the idea of "old and elegant" and "latest and geekiest" together? Becky and co-host Cody Heitschmidt  along with their hard working friends will make sure every detail is in place. This includes WiFi, live streaming and all kinds of professional equipment. 
   The program is planned so a varieties of subjects will be covered. The over-all theme is using social media in small towns and in your businesses, be they large or small. A quote from the media page: "It's not a how-to conference. It's an idea conference".

   A personal note: The picture above was taken last year at the Small Town 140Conf. I am looking forward to watching the live feed, reading the tweets, and seeing photos. Why are I not going to be there? Several reasons, number one being Mr. Bruce is busy, busy, busy and timing isn't working out. Mr. Bruce and I have "adopted" several online kids and meeting them IRL would be a real blessing. Hopefully another time. 


  1. Miss Dazey, you are so special to us all. Thank you for your unending support. I am looking forward to the day you join us in person!

  2. Thanks Becky, One day I shall do just that.


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