Monday, July 18, 2011

Positive Direct Marketing

  Direct marketing has it's good and bad points. Today I want to discuss the good. Also, I would like everyone to say hello to my very good friend, Vannie Ryanes. I never think of her without also thinking of her love of books, volunteering, and living in a big city. She and I met online via a women's business group, and although we have never met in person we are true friends. 
  I also think "business woman" when I think of her. Before she officially retired from her "9-5" job, she researched and decided to be an Independent Watkins Associate. She asked questions and got these answers: She was familiar with the products since they were used in her home growing up. She knew the company had a solid business foundation, it has been around for ages. She likes to cook. 
  Last week Vannie was featured in an article in "The Network Journal Magazine". Please read this great piece by Leah Mullen, where Vannie shares her story on how she grew her business. 
  She points out to be prepared to work hard. She is faithful to good customer service, answers questions, and/or helps people find the correct information. Direct marketing is so much more than just calling up your families and friends to tell them about this "wonderful new opportunity" you have for them.
  Vannie knows how to promote without "hammering you on the head". She is a very talented writer; one example is her "A Better Cook" website. One of her columns on Bellaonline is called "Hot and Spicy Foods"
  You can learn more about Vannie by visiting her "Professional Content" page. If you see Vannie online, tell her hi from MissDazey.

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