Thursday, July 7, 2011

Glenda and Darrell Travels

   Have you ever seen a happier smile? This picture was taken when Glenda and Darrell were in Hawaii last January. Read "Postcard Greetings from Hawaii" for more about this trip, she has some beautiful pictures there.
  Glenda travels frequently to events, for business, etc. She wrote about one of her speaking events in this story, "Living With Cerebral Palsy Web 2.0 Era". I enjoy her trips because she takes great photos and shares them on her blog. 

  Darrell goes with her to the Blogworld events held in Las Vegas. (This year in CA) Two years ago Glenda and her friends arranged for Darrell to ride in a NASCAR at the Richard Petty Driving Experience. Enjoy the ride with him, "Dreams Do Come True".

  Mr. Bruce and I have adopted Glenda and Darrell as our Canadian kids. Meeting them in person is on my bucket list, they are amazing people. Darrell and I joke about eating ice cream together someday. This picture is of him eating Hagen-Daz in my honor. (I hope it was chocolate.)
   I have read Glenda's first book "I'll Do It Myself" several times and each time I giggle, am amazed, and learn something new. (Like Glenda gave flowers to the Queen.) A few days ago I started writing a simple book review for this column; this turned into a book length story itself. I will rework that story for another column. However, do hope y'all have read the book. If not, you can get it via her blog of the same name, "I'll Do It Myself" or this Amazon link.


  1. A lady of courage is all I can. One beautiful lady filled with courage.

  2. Thanks Deb for visiting.

    This is a remarkable couple. They are always helpful to others in so many ways.

  3. Miss Dazey, thank you for kind words. I'm privileged to have you as my American Mom. Darrell and I look forward to enjoying ice cream together with you and Mr. Bruce.

  4. Glad you liked the story. Won't we have a grand time visiting.


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